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Emerson Process Management - Rosemount Division

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Emerson Process Management - Rosemount Division

8200 Market Boulevard

Chanhassen, MN  55317

[1] 800 999-9307 (North America)

[1] 952 906-8888 (International)

[1] 952 949-7001 (fax)



Emerson Rosemount, a division of Emerson Process Management, is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of instrumentation and automation systems for industrial automation and process control.  In temperature measurement, the company is the leading manufacturer of temperature transmitters in the Americas, and is also a manufacturer of RTDs and thermocouples.  The company, which was founded in 1956, is based in Chanhassen, Minnesota. 


The formation of Rosemount is linked to temperature measurement.  Dr. Frank D. Werner, an inventor and scientist, was researching temperature and pressure sensors at the University of Minnesota when the U. S. Air Force asked him to manufacture the temperature sensors he had created for some high-performance airplanes.  Werner asked Vernon Heath, a business manager, and Robert Koppel, an engineer, to work with him in the project.  The three started Rosemount Engineering Company in 1956, using $8,000 in seed money.  They produced their first sensors in an old chicken hatchery.

The original Rosemount temperature sensors could measure the heat generated by compression during high-speed flights.  This made it possible to measure aircraft speed accurately during flight for the first time.  The new company generated almost $200,000 in sales in its second year.  After the launching of Sputnik I in 1957, Rosemountís sensors were in demand for deep space applications.  Company revenues increased to $5.6 million by 1963.  During the 1960s, Rosemount continued selling its sensors to high-performance aircraft and the space program.  By the end of the decade, sales had increased to $8.5 million.

Vernon Heath succeeded Werner as president of Rosemount in 1968.  The company then became involved in several unsuccessful enterprises, one of which involved the manufacturing of a ski boot line.  Another involved an effort to develop a public rapid transit system.  These two projects together cost the company about $3 million.  At the same time, Rosemount began increasing its industrial sales, especially in temperature and pressure transmitters.  Rosemount began applying its space and defense technology to applications in the aerospace, refining, and nuclear and electric power industries.  Industrial sales kept growing in the first half of the 1970s.

In 1976, Emerson Electric purchased Rosemount for $54 per share.  At the time, Emerson Electric was a $4 billion conglomerate.  Rosemountís sales continued to grow, exceeding $250 million in 1983.  Four instrument divisions were consolidated in 1987 into the Rosemount Measurement and Control Instrumentation Group.  By 1988, revenues reached $500 million.  In 1993, Emerson Electric purchased Fisher Controls International for $1.25 billion.  This acquisition served as the basis for the subsequent creation of Fisher-Rosemount.  Fisher Controls is a leading supplier of valves to industrial markets.  Emerson sold the Aerospace Division to B. F. Goodrich in 1993 for $300 million. 

Rosemount continues to strengthen its technological leadership, especially in the areas of pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, and flowmeters.  The company has dedicated substantial resources toward developing Foundation Fieldbus products.  The effort to develop a universal fieldbus to connect instruments to the control room began in 1985.

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